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Lean & Toned Shake

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Lean-Rx Shake is NOT the typical sugared milk drink with a sprinkle of “fat burner ingredients” and sold to you as a weight loss shakes.

Lean-Rx is instead a whey-based high protein formula with a balanced mix of carbohydrates (50:50 protein: carbs). It helps promotes a feeling of fullness and sustained energy, with a clean profile and no unnecessary fillers. Just 2 scoops in milk makes a great milkshake that’s a more filling, nutritious, lower-calorie, lower-cost and healthier alternative to most snacks and bars.  

Lean-Rx Shake can be rapidly prepared with no hassle and is a great shake for busy individuals or anyone on the go. It is not a shake that you’ll have to force yourself to drink. 


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Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla


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