Conditionally essential amino acid ● Strength & Endurance Sports


60 servings of 5g


5000 mg Glutamine per Serving

0 mg Artificial Additives & Fillers

INSTANT: our glutamine is instant mixing so that you can use it with minimum hassle in either water or your favourite beverage. It mixes and tastes great with anything.

GLUTAMINE is also present in protein-rich foods but during times of increased stress (e.g. hard training, dieting and immune challenges) supplementation is a bonus. Many endurance athletes and hikers swear by our Glutamine.

MULTI-FUNCTION: Glutamine plays numerous functions in your body and is one of the most abundant amino acids in muscle tissue.

CLEAN FORMULA: Our Glutamine is unflavoured and unsweetened so that you are able to add it to your favourite beverage. As with all ViGO NUTRITION products, our Glutamine contains no aspartame/ cyclamates, no artificial colours, and no preservatives.


Glutamine supplementation becomes essential during times of increased physical stress to preserve your immune health and prevent your performance from suffering.

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