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EXCEED Endurance Sports Formula

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VIGO EXCEED is a scientifically developed sports drink, with carbohydrates and electrolytes to help you sustain your endurance performance and enhance hydration during exercise.

2:1 Glucose: Fructose ratio to maximise fuel uptake and maintain endurance performance

With electrolyte sources for hydration and performance

Clean formula with natural flavours and no preservatives

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During endurance exercise your body needs carbohydrates and electrolytes for energy and to maintain your hydration status. Failing to supply these two elements can seriously compromise endurance performance. 

That’s why we formulated VIGO EXCEED, an isotonic carbohydrate and electrolyte solution to ensure you are properly fuelled and hydrated. EXCEED is based on a a 2:1 blend of glucose sources and fructose. This ratio is backed by a substantial body of published research (123)  showing that the taking glucose sources and fructose in the ratio found in VIGO EXCEED supplies more energy and faster than any other carbohydrate combinations.

Research on regular sports drinks containing only glucose sources show that you can only absorb a maximum of 60g carbohydrate per hour.

However, the combination of glucose source and fructose in a 2:1 ratio shows that you can absorb significantly more carbohydrates per hour, up to 90g! This is because glucose and fructose use two different transporter molecules at the level of the intestinal cells (imagine them as being “doors”) to move from the intestines into the bloodstream (Figure 1).

Fig. 1: Uptake of glucose and fructose into the bloodstream at the level of the intestines. A combination of glucose and fructose in the ratio found in VIGO EXCEED ensures maximum carbohydrate uptake for performance.

Scientific References:

  1. Fuchs CJ, et al. Fructose co-ingestion to increase carbohydrate availability in athletes. J Physiol. 2019 Jul;597(14):3549-3560. (Go to Source)
  2. Baur DA, et al. Glucose-fructose enhances performance versus isocaloric, but not moderate, glucose. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2014 Sep;46(9):1778-86. (Go to Source)
  3. Trommelen J,et al. Fructose and Sucrose Intake Increase Exogenous  Carbohydrate Oxidation during Exercise. Nutrients. 2017 Feb 20;9(2):167. (Go to Source)


Mixing Your Drink:

  • Add half of the water to a ViGO Sports bottle. 
  • Add 5 heaped scoops of powder to the water (scoop provided)
  • Add powder to water, not water to powder!
  • Replace lid and shake vigorously.
  • Top up the bottle with water and shake again to mix

Consuming Your Drink:

  • Consume before and during sport. Drink 150 – 250ml every 20 minutes. 


VIGO EXCEED contains the following active and inactive ingredients. These work together to deliver effective nutrition with a taste that you will enjoy. 

Maltodextrin is a source of glucose. It is made from corn starch and consists of glucose molecules. It is a rapid source of glucose for the body that absorbs efficiently without stressing the gastrointestinal system, unlike other simple sugars like dextrose and sucrose.

Fructose is a fruit sugar. It is another source of energy that uses a completely different transport system at the intestines to go into the bloodstream and the rest of the body. Adding fructose to our formula maximises carbohydrate absorption so that more energy is delivered to working muscles.

EXCEED contains Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride and Sodium Citrate. These are sources of the key electrolytes Sodium and Potassium to replace whatever is lost via sweat. These electrolytes help with the maintenance of the hydration status of the individual and help with muscle function.

Citric and Malic acids are food grade acids that are also naturally found in fruits. These help with the flavouring of the product and greatly enhance the palatability of the drink.

Other inactive ingredients in EXCEED are as follows:

  1. Flavouring: help deliver an awesome-tasting product. We use flavours from reputed flavour houses overseas (Germany, Israel) and in South Africa.
  2. Natural colourants: we opted for natural (plant-based) colourants namely beetroot powder and beta-carotene as healthier alternatives to commonly used artificial colourants in sports drinks like Allura Red, Tartrazine, etc. You can read more about our “colourant policy” here.
  3. Anti-caking agent: we use a bit of food-grade silica that prevent the powder from clumping from absorbing moisture. We also add a desiccant sachet in the powder to ensure freshness after opening. 

Nutritional Facts


​​How is ViGO Exceed different from VIGO Ultra?
Exceed is a rapid fuel source for endurance sports. Ultra is more suited for ultra-endurance events as it also contains a source of slow-release carbohydrates (Palatinose).

Is this product Vegetarian/Vegan?
Yes, VIGO Exceed is suitable for vegetarians and vegan individuals.

​​​​​Is this product diabetic-friendly?
No, this product contains carbohydrates. Please discuss with your medical doctor prior to use if you are diabetic. 

Does this product contain caffeine?
VIGO Exceed is caffeine-free. We are considering a caffeinated version.

Is this suitable for carbohydrate loading?
ViGO Exceed is perfect for carbohydrate loading.

Why does the drink lose colour in full sun?
This is due to the beetroot powder natural colourant. When exposed to direct sunlight, the drink loses colour. 

Is a scoop included in the product?
Yes, a 10ml plastic scoop is supplied.

How many servings do I get per jar of this product?
– 20 Servings per 1kg tub or 50x 500ml drinks.

Is this product drug free or free from banned substances?
ViGO Exceed, as with all ViGO products, is not formulated with ingredients that are on the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) list of banned substances. Our products are mixed in a certified food facility that does not handle any pharmaceutical products, which also eliminates the risk of cross-contamination with pharmaceutical agents that can lead to a positive drug test. 


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