Why Choose VIGO?

ViGO NUTRITION isn’t just another brand coming for a slice of the nutritional business cake.

We came to create a whole new cake!

Qualified/ Experienced Resellers

ViGO products are sold via carefully selected resellers who are experienced fitness & lifestyle coaches or are avid exercisers themselves. This means that you will be able to receive first-class advice about our products and how best to use them, as well as tons of health and fitness-related advice. We pride ourselves in the people we work with.

Scientist owned and operated

ViGO Nutrition is a family business owned by an exercise and nutritional scientist, qualified postgraduate from the University of Cape Town, who is involved in product formulation, food technology (flavour/ taste systems) and manufacturing.

Trusted Ingredient Sources

Our ingredients are sourced from reputable local and international manufacturers. For instance, our native whey protein is sourced from DMV Nutritionals in the Netherlands and thus our quality is consistent. We don’t chop and change suppliers. How many companies are willing to disclose where they get their main ingredients from?

Proven ingredients, not the latest “fad” ingredients

Our formulas revolve around macronutrients and the right ratios thereof. Our added functional ingredients (e.g. amino acids) are only those that are proven to work. We don’t rely on “latest” ingredients, but only “proven” ingredients. We also use the latter in amounts (disclosed on the label) that will make a difference. We are also careful about nutrient excesses!

Healthy additives only

ViGO Nutrition uses only clean and safe additives. For instance, we use the safest sweetener (Sucralose) that costs several times more than regular sweeteners (Ace-K, Aspartame, etc.). We also use only natural colourants, like beetroot juice powder, and exclude additives like thickeners and preservatives.


Family-Oriented Nutritional Products

A range of effective nutritional products that’s fit for the whole family to assist daily nutrition. The range consists of ViGO PROTEIN, ViGO LEAN & TONED SHAKE and FAMILY NUTRISHAKE.


Nutritional Products for Sports and Exercise

A range for those involved in physical exercise and sports. These products are a better alternative to conventional sports supplements in that only proven ingredients are used, in efficacious amounts. ViGO SPORTS provides full nutritional support for your race, game or training sessions. Our range are also safe for competitive athletes who undergo drug testing and teenage athletes.


Raw Single Ingredients for Wellness, Sports and Exercise

ViGO ELEMENTS range consists of single ingredients in raw, unflavoured form. It is ideal for those willing to build their own personalised stacks using specific dosages. At present the range consists of the amino acids L-Glutamine and Creatine monohydrate but we are going to expand in the near future and you can count on our assistance to build your own customised stacks using research- proven quantities.

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