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  • + Durable and lightweight LEM Tech Integrated™ 4 PC shell technology with in-mold EPS.
  • + Proprietary GelMotion® technology for enhanced management of high- and low-energy impacts, and rotational and oblique impacts.
  • + LEM FS6™ shell-integrated fit system for customizable fit and micro-adjust dial.
  • + Fidlock® SNAP buckle provides quick and secure entry and exit.
  • + Quick release strap adjustors.
  • + 15 vents with internal channeling for maximum temperature control.
  • + Polyester reflective strap webbing.
  • + X-STATIC® XT2™ comfort pads incorporates pure silver providing permanent anti-odor protection.
  • + Adjustable visor with multi-position indexing and goggle stow + LEM Link™ burly and secure visor mounting system.
  • Sizes: Small 53-56cm, Medium 56-59cm, Large 59-62cm
  • Weight: 330g.
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Precision-crafted for full-gas down full-commitment singletrack. That happy lightweight feel and max comfort for full-day enduro charges. The wanted full-coverage shell for fast corners that you can feel confident about. Meet the Spyne: full of everything you'd desire in a stout, open-face MTB helmet made for the expected and unexpected. Hold up! We're not done yet. Featuring a durable and lightweight shell technology, a micro-adjust fit system, burly indexing visor, and quick and secure Fidlock® buckle, the Spyne delivers protection and freedom for when you’re focused, locked in the moments of drifting, dreaming… and enjoying!


Adjustable visor

Sometimes you need your visor down protecting you from sun and rain; sometimes it’s better up so you can use all the available light; sometimes you want it somewhere in between. The Spyne gives you that level of adjustment quickly and easily with an indexed system allowing one handed changes as the trail conditions alter. The indexing means the visor simply slots into its new position. The same goes for your goggles – they fit well with the helmet when you want to wear them, but there’s also a secure stowage point if you want to take them off. Simple, efficient solutions for adding flexibility to your riding needs.

LEM FS6 shell-integrated fit system

On a long ride you need everything to be comfortable including your helmet. The LEM FS6 fit system allows you to easily adjust your helmet to the perfect size, even on the fly. The fit system is actually integrated into the helmet shell. The micro-adjust dial allows for the smallest adjustments so the helmet fits your head, not somebody else’s. And on those cold days where you’d prefer an extra layer under your helmet, this retention system means your lid will still fit as well as it does normally. Comfort all year round.


With GelMotion®, we’ve developed a proprietary, versatile impact energy management system that provides riders with a helmet technology that’s
comfortable, reliable, and high-performance. Gelin’ For Your Melon.

During an impact with our GelMotion® technology system, the surrounding EPS foam PLUS our energy-absorbing gel pads work harmoniously to displace energy upon impact. The pads maintain their shape over time for consistent performance.



Our gel-cell pads mimic the movement of the Loose Areolar Connective Tissue found in the human head. This mesh-like layer located between the skull and scalp has a fluid-like matrix that flexes and provides movement to protect your head.


The strong and flexible pads create an energy management system by working together to absorb and distribute energy created by a linear impact by engaging and ‘squishing’ before the EPS foam of the helmet feels the affects of the impact.

 But, not all impacts are linear. To absorb the energy of oblique or rotational impacts, our GelMotion® system flexes and moves sideways in a shearing action to absorb and dissipate rotational energy before the EPS foam is ever engaged.



How to measure your head

Wrap a flexible tape measure around the largest portion of your head about 1/2” or 1.25 cm above the top of your ear.  Pro Tip: You can use a string if you do not have a flexible tape measure, then measure the string with a tape measure or ruler. Once you’ve measured yourself, check our sizing chart to find your size.

How to adjust the fit system

Some helmets come equipped with a fit system. This system allows for the helmet to fit more comfortably and securely on the head while riding. Fit systems do not affect the helmet’s ability to stay on in an accident. Only the above retention system does that.

These fit systems are usually identified as a dial-like system on the very rear of the helmet. Many of these dial systems can be adjusted up or down on the inside of the helmet for better comfort. They can also sometimes be adjusted forward and backward for better comfort as well. Check the inside of the helmet for adjustment notches and, if available, try out different fit system configurations to find the most comfortable fit.

Never adjust the snap-in pins to a location that is not designed specifically for receiving the adjustment pins. By activating the dial clockwise or counter-clockwise, the helmet’s fit system can contract or expand to better fit the user. Some dials may need to be pressed inward prior to rotation in order to be properly activated.

How to adjust the straps

1. First, position the helmet on your head so that the lowest front edge is about 1.5 inches or 3.8 cm’s above your eyebrow. Your helmet should not be tilted back on your head (figure 1). When the helmet is properly positioned on your head, both the front and the rear straps should be evenly tensioned, with the strap guides positioned just below the ears (figure 2). If the straps are uneven, they can be adjusted by pulling them through the rear of the helmet.

2. To adjust the length of the straps, use the strap guides to make the adjustments up or down so that the strap guide is positioned just below the ear. Any slack in the strap must be pulled through the chin buckle. The loose ends of the strap must then be passed at least a half inch through the rubber “O” ring. The straps should not cover your ears.

3. Next, close the chin buckle and tighten the combined straps until they are comfortable underneath your chin, and as far back towards the throat as is comfortable. Position the buckle so that it is centered side to side. To see if your straps are correctly adjusted, try to pull the helmet off from both the front and the back. If it can be tipped forward, tighten the back straps. If it can be tipped backward, tighten the front straps.

If the helmet does not fit properly after adjustment, do not use the helmet! Choose another size and/or model of helmet that fits and which can be properly adjusted.

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