LLA Orange Bee Jersey


All the profits from the sale of these cycling shirts go towards the LLA #endangered initiative. This is a pre order, jerseys will be available from End September 2019.

Jersey Features:

  • Lightweight fabric for extra breathability and comfort.
  • Hem gripper: Anti-skidding silicone gripper, keeps jersey in place.
  • Full length zipper.
  • 3 Standard back pockets.
  • Hi vis reflective strip to increase safety in low light conditions.

Same version as our Fitness Jersey.

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Live Life Always is a way of life. It is a reminder that life was given to us to do as much good as possible with what we have, whilst we have time on earth to do so. This means looking out for others and giving selflessly to causes helping those not as fortunate as us. 

Live Life Always supports the Sean Williams Living Creatures Trust (swtrust.co.za) which is aimed at helping animals in need through various charities. Sean Williams set up the trust in 2008 and after trading for 2 years it became registered as a PBO with SARS (930043762). Sean Williams contributes to all these charities from his own pocket on a monthly basis with no formal help from other sources. The charities are chosen for the dedicated and passionate way they do what they do. You can read more about them on their websites. 

Charities supported:
  • Wildlands conservation trust - (2 adopted rhinos called HOPE and MADDI)
  • Siyabonga Helping Hands - (pay for a teachers salary and help feed 150 children)
  • Anne van Dyk cheetah centre -(adopted 3x cheetahs, Egyptian vulture and a wild dog)
  • Animals in Distress
  • Vulpro
  • Kitty and puppy haven
  • SPCA
  • Cheetah outreach (Anatolian Shepard dog project) there is a dog named after Sean’s daughter MADDISON

For more info please visit: www.swtrust.co.za


Why We Need to Protect Bees

  • Plants need bees to pollinate, making bees indispensable pollinators of most ecosystems. There are 369,000 flowering plant species, and 90% of them are dependent on insect pollination. A honeybee can usually visit 50-1000 flowers in one trip; if bee takes ten trips a day, a colony with 25,000 forager bees can pollinate 250 million flowers in a day.
  • Bees are a keystone species, with other species dependent on them to survive. Many species of animals depend on bees for their survival because their food sources, including nuts, berries, seeds, and fruits, rely on insect pollination.
  • Pollination not only makes food available for other organisms but also allows floral growth, which provides habitats for animals, including other insects and birds.
  • As pollinators disappear, the effect on the health and viability of crops and native plant communities can be disastrous. We simply cannot survive without bees.
  • Pollinators contribute billions to the world economy. The global crop production pollinated by bees is valued at $577 billion. Pollinators contribute $24 billion to the U.S. agriculture industry, making up a third of the food consumed by Americans.

Threats to Bee Species

  • Widespread use of pesticides, neonicotinoids and GMOs
  • Climate change
  • Loss of habitat, including land use changes, habitat fragmentation, loss of bio-diversity
  • Bees forced into service; monoculture
  • Pests, diseases, viruses, and mold


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