Grab & Go Ultra Endurance Fuel

Grab N Go sticks

  • 12 stickpacks per box
  • Individual servings
  • Great for convenience
  • Great value

Ideal for cyclists, swimmers, runners, triathletes, etc.

SUSTAINED ENERGY: formulated with a blend of carbohydrates that are fast and slow- absorbing to supply energy over an extended period of time. Ideal for activities lasting more than 1hr.

WITH PALATINOSETM: a slow-digesting (low GI) sugar isolated from white beets which with a GI of 32 (normal sugar is 65). Imported from Germany.

EXCELLENT ABSORPTION: Maltodextrin, one of the carbs in the product is well known for its easy and efficient absorption, which cancels the risk of intestinal distress during exercise.

HYDRATION: supplies electrolytes to assist in maintaining hydration.

AMINO ACID FORTIFIED: with added amino acids that assist mental and physical function during prolonged exercise.

Tyrosine (125mg/ serving): assists with focus
Taurine (500mg/ serving): involved in fluid balance

WITH ADDED MAGNESIUM: from a highly bioavailable chelated form for optimal muscle function.


Available in:
Cherry flavour, lemon-lime

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Product for endurance sports (runners, cyclists, etc.).

Intra-exercise formula for long distance training and race. Above 1hr duration.

Simple and clean formula. Excludes artificial dyes (naturally coloured), preservatives and potentially harmful sweeteners like aspartame, Acesulfame-K and cyclamates.

Based on a blend of fast and slow-absorbing carbohydrates. Includes the low-GI sugar PalatinoseTM.

Kid and teen-friendly.

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Cherry, Lemon & Lime, Peach