Salice 016RWX Photochromic

Whats in the Box:

  1. RWX Lens – Powered by the state-of-the-art photochromic technology, it provides the right level of protection when needed as it adapts instantly to the light environment. From bright sun to sunset, the lens protects your eyes from 100% of the UV rays.
  2. RW Lens – Multi layer mirror coating cuts glare and increases contrast.
  3. Transparent lens – A clear lens to use in dark conditions.
  4. Thermoformed protective case and cleaning cloth.
  5. Spare rim.
  6. Spare nosepiece.


Innovative Switch system, includes 3 lenses and detachable rim from the frame enabling you to personalise your sunglasses.

Scratch resistant lens IDRO will repel water and dust to optimize vision.

Integrated frontal air ventilation.

Interchangeable Megol® rubber nose piece. Co Injected Megol® rubber inserts in ear arms.




The RWX by NXT® lens has got both high-tech and fashion features. Powered by the state-of-the-art photochromic technology, it provides the right level of protection when needed as it adapts instantly to the light environment. From bright sun to sunset, the lens protects your eyes from 100% of the UV rays. The photochromic molecules are directly embedded in the mass of the polymer and confined close to the front surface. Therefore, it guarantees durably optimal photochromic control. In particular, the RWX by NXT® lens includes fast kinetics such as activation and fading speed. RWX by NXT® lens is versatile with its large photo range: from category 1, when not activated, in environments and weather conditions with low light, to category 3, when activated, in bright conditions. In addition to its technical features, the RWX by NXT® lens will also magnify your look! From subtle gloss, while non activated, to intense blue aspect in bright conditions, it brings colour differentiation. Note that this mirror coating contributes to protect from glare and reduce eye fatigue. The oleophobic front-side coating prevents scratches, smudges, fingerprints, dust and water on the external surface of the lens. Thus, decreasing the discomfort from fog droplets or light rain as the surface is sliding allowing to move forward in the activity in mixed weather. At last, to keep the lens gloss and neat, it also minimises the risk to damage the colour coating as cleaning is facilitated.








The light that filters in the human eye is divided into visible spectrum, in wavelengths between 380 and 780 nm, and non-visible spectrum, which includes light in the ultraviolet (UV light) field and in the infrared field (IR light). The blue light component between 380 and 500 nm is also known as High-Energy Visible light (HEV). HEV light lenses create a “feel” due to the effect of the elements and oxides used in the colour dyes and coatings. This treatment stimulates the receptor cells on the retina creating a brain experience sensation from each specific lens colour. Colours are seen as “pop” thus making the perfect solution for any particular lifestyle. Red, green, and yellow colours seep in resulting in improved contrast, a better separation of colours, and a higher sense of depth. The results are faster reactions and better performances.

The new eyewear model 016 (designed to be combined with the helmet LEVANTE) is the result of the constant progress of the Lake Como company in recent years. These sunglasses have unique characteristics: using the components included in the package (Rim with contrasting color and tone on tone, spare lenses) you can create 3 different models. In this way we meet the consumer proposing solutions that best suit his needs of use as well as style, simply by replacing the Rim or by modifying the support on the nose through simple operations. Confortable and performing fit thanks to the materials: the frame is made of Grilamid, light and particularly resistant compound, nose pads and temple-ends are in Megol, a hypo-allergic rubber that ensures a better grip on the face. Salice 016 glasses represent the best protection for the eyes during outdoor activities that involve prolonged exposure to sunlight. The 016 is fitted with a mirrored lens RAINBOW RW in scratch-resistant polycarbonate, which is subjected to a multilayer coloring, with the aim of reducing the reflections of surfaces such as snow and ice. The UV 400 protection guarantees coverage from ultraviolet rays. The eyewear is sold with a wide range of replacement lenses, from the transparent included in the package, to the photochromic in the CRX version, to the INFRARED in the IR version, to the polarized mirror in the RWP version. The unmistakable Italian flag is available in the ITA version, which gives a touch of unmistakable style and is at the same time synonymous with the guarantee of an all-Italian product, with over 100 years of history in the sports eyewear.

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Italian Black, Italian White, Red Black, White Black, Yellow Black, Red White, Blue White, Green White, Turquiose Yellow, Green Blue


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